Meet our staff

Ms Kärsti Öberg – Principal

This is our Principal Ms Kärsti Öberg. She has a long career of nearly 30 years as Principal or Assistant Principal for a number of elementary schools in Skurup, Göteborg and Skövde, to name some locations. She really like the Nordic International School’s concept and appreciate when things are in order. She also has a passion for interacting with people and to work with school management is dear to her heart. Ms Öberg brings her many years of experience to her role as Principal of Nordic Ystad.

Languages: Swedish and English


Mr Emil Murad – Assistant Principal

This is our Assistant principal, Mr Emil Murad. In 2020, he moved to Sweden and was involved in the opening of Nordic International School Kalmar. At Nordic Kalmar, Mr Murad taught English and French, was a mentor as well as head of a staff team. Mr Murad was born in Rumania, spent his upbringing in Canada and the US, and got his teaching education in Belgium and Italy. Lastly, before moving to Sweden, he work at an international school in Madrid, Spain.

Languages: English, French, Spanish and Swedish

Ms Pamela Jönsson – Teacher

This is our Swedish teacher Ms Pamela Jönsson. She lives in Sjöbo and is a certified teacher who holds a degree from the Faculty of Education at the University of Malmö in Sweden, majoring in Swedish, English, mathematics and physical education. She has devoted herself to Swedish and mathematics and teaching children to believe in themselves while learning new and exciting things both in and beyond textbooks. Ms Jönsson was born and raised in Sweden, and for the past six years she has worked as a teacher at Älvdalsskolan in Hörby.

Languages: Swedish and English

Mr Martin Kellerman – Pedagogical support

This is our pedagogical support Mr Martin Kellerman. He is born and raised in Skurup. Mr Kellerman completed his studies at Malmö University and has worked within the school field for the past 12 years. Mr Kellerman comes to us most recently from Prästamosseskolan in Skurup where he worked as a resource coordinator.

Languages: Swedish and English

Mr Jens Nerbring – Teacher

This is our teacher and special education tutor Mr Jens Nerbring. He lives in Svarte and is a certified teacher who holds a degree from the Faculty of Education from the University of Malmö in Sweden, majoring in Childhood and Adolescence. He is currently doing his master’s degree in Special Education at Malmö University. He has devoted himself to ensure that every student has the proper support, tools and strategies in order to reach as far as possible. Mr. Nerbring was born and raised in Sweden but has spent more than 10 years teaching in South East Asia. Since returning to Sweden in 2016, he has been working as a class teacher at Hammenhögs friskola.

Languages: Swedish and English

Ms Kailey Hansson – Teacher

This is our teacher Ms Kailey Hansson. She is a certified teacher who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She attended Trent University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in History. She received her Ph.D in History at Queen’s University where she specialised in the Cold War and cultural diplomacy. She has previously held teaching positions at Queen’s University and the University of British Columbia, in addition to numerous teaching roles in Ystad kommun. Ms Hansson teaches in the Social Studies Department at Nordic International School Ystad.

Languages: English and Swedish

Ms Reema Malik – Administrator

This is our administrator Ms Reema Malik. She moved to Sweden in 2019 and has been working at Nordic International School Kalmar since 2020. She recently completed a master’s degree in business administration at Linnaeus University. She lived in the US for 10 years and earned a bachelor’s degree from the City University of New York. She has lived and worked in KSA, Pakistan, UAE and the US, and has travelled to many other countries. She has previously worked in multicultural environments, which she enjoys.

Languages: English, Swedish and Urdu / Hindi

Ms Cindi Lundgren – Study and Career Counsellor

Ms Cindi Lundgren is our Study and career counselor at Nordic and lives in Ystad. She is a certified Study and career counsellor who holds a degree from Malmö University. She provides personalised guidance to our students informing on further study options and facilitating an understanding of different professions. For the past three years she has worked as a Study and career counsellor at Malmö International School and Ystad Gymnasium.

Languages: English and Swedish

Mr Rikard Persson – Special educator

This is our special educator Mr Rikard Persson. He lives in Köpingebro and is a certified teacher who holds a degree from Linneaus University in Växjö, majoring in biology and social science. He is also a special educator – specialised in children with learning difficulties and neuropsychiatric disabilities. Mr Persson has been working with international cooperation between schools in Sweden and Kathmandu, Nepal. These projects were focusing on multicultural meetings and understanding between students in upper secondary school. He has also been running a business where he created and led workshops for children, focusing on experiments in natural science. Mr Persson was raised in Sjöbo but has been living in Växjö for ten years. Prior to joining our staff he worked as a special educator at Västerportskolan in Ystad.

Languages: Swedish and English

Mr Tihamér Matthew Györgydeák – Teacher

This is our new teacher Mr Tihamér Matthew Györgydeák. He was born in the Transylvanian region of Romania, grew up in the capital city of Hungary, and as a teeneager moved to Sweden where he lives, in Malmö. He has an educational background in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Lund University and is an experienced entrepreneur. Mr Györgydeák has worked over five years as a mathematics and nature science teacher in upper primary school, combined with positions of trust in school leadership for several years. He has made it his mission to teach and prepare the next generations for the future on our planet and to inspire students to explore current and emerging fields in science, engineering and development.

Languages: Swedish and English

Mr Andreas Karlsson – Sport and music teacher

This is our sports and music teacher Mr Andreas Karlsson. Mr Karlsson has worked with children and teenagers in various constellations for over 20 years, as well as teaching the subjects of sports, music and Swedish. He has also worked as a Swedish teacher at EF Education in Stockholm. Mr Karlsson has experience of working abroad in countries such as Australia, Thailand, Spain and Greece. He has an extensive experience in the entertainment and music industry. He has, to mention some, worked as an artist, written scripts for TV-series and worked as an actor in several comedy and children’s programmes. He was brought up in Trollhättan but lived in Stockholm for 10 years.

Languages: Swedish and English