Emil Murad – Multicultural Assistant Principal at Nordic International School Ystad

Mr Emil Murad is no newcomer to Nordic International School. During autumn of 2020, he moved to Sweden as a part of the team that helped opening Nordic International School Kalmar. As the school bells call for summer break in June, Mr Murad leaves for new adventures. After two years in Kalmar, he moves on to, once again, start a new Nordic International School in Ystad, this time as Assistant Principal.

A part of the world

Mr Murad is born in Rumania, spent his upbringing in Canada and the US and got his teaching education in Belgium and Italy. Just before moving to Sweden, he worked at an international school in Madrid, Spain.

– No one can say I’m not international, he says with a bright laugh.

Mr Murad had no connection to Sweden before applying for the job in Kalmar.

– I was curious about Sweden since many spoke about it being an interesting country to live and work in.

As he found the job for Nordic Kalmar, read about the school and our concept, and spoke with his current principal, all made sense.

– The combination of discipline, mutual respect in the classrooms, and a working environment which promotes openness – all of it made sense and is something I can confidently stand for and wants to be a part of.

He notices the positive effects of how clear rules and a disciplined culture has on the students.

– For those who do not have a disciplined background, this school can make a huge difference.

The opportunity for families to choose schools in Sweden is something Mr Murad values. That the students and guardians choose Nordic because they are genuinely interested and intrigued by the concept, not because it was a school they got directed to. The students, together with our staff who also made the same choice, can create a fantastic school together.

The role as a teacher

For Nordic Kalmar, he taught English and French, has been a mentor and head of a staff team. When describing himself as a teacher, he highlights a few characteristics.

– I love to encourage discussions and to teach as much as possible about the world, how people live in other countries and cultures, and the importance to be open minded and respectful toward others.

Mr Murad mentions the importance of setting high expectations on students as a teacher, something he knows lead to great results.

– It’s a balancing act. I expect ambitious results for them to push a bit more, but I’m also there for the conversations and assistance if they need more time or help.

Being a part of the opening of a new Nordic school

He is looking forward to being a part of opening yet another school. He found the start in Kalmar to be successful and brings those positive experiences with him.

– I want to use everything I learnt here in Kalmar, so that the start in Ystad will become even better. I’m curious to see the similarities and the differences as no two schools are exactly the same.

Name: Mr Emil Murad
Title: New Assistant Principal at Nordic International School Ystad
Why work at Nordic International School: I like the combination of discipline, mutual respect in the classrooms, and a working environment which promotes openness.