Clear rules key to academic success

Nordic International School is characterised by high expectations and a safe study environment, with a focus on knowledge and academic progress where everyone is given the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability. Mr Emil Wallin, School Manager of Watma Education’s compulsory schools and previous principal at Nordic International School Trollhättan and Karlstad, explains the school’s concept and how clear rules help the students perform.

At Nordic International School there are clear rules of conduct, which everyone in the school agrees to respect and help to maintain once they start. We follow a clear lesson structure which allows our students to know exactly what is expected in every class.

– For some new students coming to Nordic International School, our expectations and constant performance follow ups might come as a bit of a chock, says Mr Wallin.

Although, as soon as they get used to the concept, they become aware of their capability and that boosts their confidence.

Before every lesson starts, the students line up outside the classroom and calmly walk in one by one. They then greet the teacher at the door and wait, standing behind their chairs. The teacher continues by welcoming the class and asks them to take their seats.

Our teachers have been given a tool to maintain the order and focus in the classroom. The routines do not vary between teachers, they are well established and everyone follows them, which results in a positive academic progression.

The students know that they have a consequence system to relate to. If they disturb the order in the classroom and the learning of their peers, they are issued with a first warning, a so called C1 – C as in Consequence. If it happens again, the student is issued a C2 and must leave the classroom to finish their work in a separate school room under supervision. If the student continues to misbehave and interrupt learning, a C3 is issued, which results in detention.

– Everyone has the right to learn, no one has the right to disturb others’ learning. That is the attitude we have in the classroom, Mr Wallin adds.

Teachers and students have mutually agreed to this system. It is not unusual that children want to explore boundaries. However, at this school they know where the boundaries are set. Our teachers are consistent and coherent, which make the students calm.

Students graduating in 2022 from year 9 at Nordic International School achieved great average academic results in relation to other schools in their respective municipality and to the national performance. 9 out of 10 students were eligible to upper secondary school. Hence, our schools placed among top three in the respective municipality’s list of academic performance.

– As previous principal, I have felt enormous joy to manage the school and challenge every student’s potential. It is our consequence system and our clear lesson structure that make it work. It is satisfactory to see our how our students commit to their schoolwork when they have the opportunity to truly focus. Our staff often express that they get to live out their teaching ideals at Nordic International School.

Mr Wallin describes the relationship between teachers and students as respectful but also warm.

– Despite us having clear roles, the students feel comfortable coming to us and being socially open, and that is of course very important. But the students know that there is a time and place for everything, when we are in the classroom we focus on studying.

He continues;

– Our concept has high expectations on the teachers but that is also something that characterises us who work at Nordic International School. We want the students to succeed and everyone at the school takes their education seriously.


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